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Present yourself on the radio show!

New Radio MORS Programme Erasmus Encounters is looking for current or previous students from Erasmus + Programme to take part in our latest project and to be our guest
If You:
- cared to present your views, experiences and impressions of your stay in Poland
- would like to talk about your country, your studies and your home University
- are eager to explore the differences, which become a common ground for new experiences and a way of getting accustomed with new culture, traditions and different national identity
- you speak English and are open for a conversation,
then you are mostly welcomed.
The interviews will be held in our Mega Otwarte Radio Studenckie headquarters in the Social Studies Department at University of Gdańsk or online.
If You are willing to be guest in our newest programme, You can contact us by sending us an e-mail to: mors@ug.edu.pl with the title: Erasmus Encounters
The interviews will be hosted by Ada Lasinkiewicz and Kata Kurnatowska, who are students at the University of Gdansk and Freelancers of Mega Otwarte Radio Studenckie
You can listen to us online: mors.ug.edu.pl
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